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Screwdrivered Review

— feeling cool
Screwdrivered - Alice Clayton

I was not disappointed in this sequel! It was just as hilarious and exciting and sexy as its predecessor! I loved the first one more for its fresh and exciting and humorous story. I had never read a book like that before, so to me it was like visiting a new country. I love when books thrill me like that and surprise me. In a sequel, it can get sticky for a writer. You already know the characters and the basic type of story you are about to read. This is where plot comes and in shines. I am so glad she wrote this book, because it was great-and she hit the target! I love them and the story, but they were popping out and changing and shifting and growing significantly. Caroline grew more mature and Simon faced the fact of maturity. I LOVED THAT. It was a great read! I highly recommend it if you loved the first book. p.s. I WANT MORE CLIVE PLEASE.