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Anna and the French Kiss Review

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Anna and the French Kiss (Anna & the French Kiss 1) by Stephanie Perkins (2014) Paperback - Stephanie Perkins

Pack your bags, everyone. After reading Perkins' amazing novel, you'll be ready to go to school in Paris. (And eat and dream and fall in love). Anna and the French Kiss is positively beautiful and hilarious. Between laughing at all the humor, I was smiling until my face cracked at the corners and swooning over french boys. ONE in particular, ladies and gents. This story is one of my favorite YA books of all time. The title sounded cheesy when I first encountered the book in my local library, but after checking it out and beginning the wonderful journey with Anna, I was hooked! You will fall in love not only with Etienne St. Clair and the rest of the quirky gang, but with Perkins' writing style and the story itself. This is highly recommended if you love cute, witty, and contemporary romance.

Screwdrivered Review

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Screwdrivered - Alice Clayton

I was not disappointed in this sequel! It was just as hilarious and exciting and sexy as its predecessor! I loved the first one more for its fresh and exciting and humorous story. I had never read a book like that before, so to me it was like visiting a new country. I love when books thrill me like that and surprise me. In a sequel, it can get sticky for a writer. You already know the characters and the basic type of story you are about to read. This is where plot comes and in shines. I am so glad she wrote this book, because it was great-and she hit the target! I love them and the story, but they were popping out and changing and shifting and growing significantly. Caroline grew more mature and Simon faced the fact of maturity. I LOVED THAT. It was a great read! I highly recommend it if you loved the first book. p.s. I WANT MORE CLIVE PLEASE.

Losing It Review

Losing It - Cora Carmack

Bliss Edwards might be good at acting, but she's an amateur when it comes to hiding her feelings about Garrick, a hot British boy she finds at a club the night her best friend takes her out to lose it once and for all. A hot British boy who turns out to be her teacher! This aspect amazed me. Plenty books surround themselves around the idea of teachers and students becoming attracted to one another. I didn't know if this one would be any different. But surprise? It was! This book was amazing. A fun, easy read. I thought maybe she would already know he was her professor, but I loved that she didn't. That made it more innocent and sweet to me since eventually the characters develop feelings for one another. DUH. I found Bliss to be an intriguing, funny character. She's super beautiful and smart, but she's also reeeeally awkward. I loved her. She was relatable in many ways, as I am in college and majoring in the arts and a virgin. AND SO AWKWARD.  But I'm not down with my professor...

Still, the story line was totally sweet and hot. One minute you're swooning and the next you're sweating. The writing style is the perfect blend for a spicy, adorable new adult novel. I enjoyed the plot, though cheesy at times, because much of it was fresh. The theatre aspect and the fact that they met before class began, made the whole idea of student/teacher romantic relationships alter.

The book will keep you reading until the last page is flipped. When she leaves him that night with an excuse, it's so ridiculous you will just be like WHAT. It's completely silly. But it works, apparently, and makes the story even more hilarious later. Situations arise and things get twisted and turned under the lights of the stage. Friendships are put to the test. Bottles are spun and cats get angry...

Things get hairy. Haha...

There's only one more thing you need to ask yourself with it comes to this book. TO READ OR NOT TO READ? Umm...

Definitely to read. Even Hamlet says so.

Wallbanger Review

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Wallbanger - Alice Clayton

This book was superb! Sexy, hilarious, and genuinely sweet, Wallbanger is a romance I will likely read again and again. I TOTALLY JUDGED IT AT FIRST. I won't lie about it, people. The title had me thinking "Really? I mean-really?" But Simon so is a wallbanger. He will have you swooning and laughing and sweating. Sometimes at once. Caroline is smart, delightful, humorous, and fresh. I LOVED HER. I just loved this book in general. I seriously could not put it down. If you enjoy romance and you love to laugh, I highly recommend this. Also, if you love cute cats with attitude and food I would double recommend.